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The premier Gumbo, Grits & Gravy EP!

Exactly 280 days from the live Norwood MA debut of this super group, we are delighted to offer the first official recording from Gumbo, Grits & Gravy. Order online below to get a copy of the CD, or visit CD Baby for a digital version, for the whole EP or individual tracks.

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The five songs remind us of the five senses given to the child. They include brand new studio recordings of the titular Guy Davis song, “Gumbo, Grits & Gravy”, Anne Harris’ take on the Traditional song, “Snowden’s Jig”, Marcella Simian’s own song, “Comment Il se Sent”, and live versions of the Bob Dylan classic, “Just Like a Woman”, and the Americana Roots song by Foster/Jordan, “I’d Rather Go Blind”.



We are also pleased to offer these items that no kitchen should be without:

Bartender Cutting Board

Gumbo, Grits & Gravy serving traysWhether cutting up a gorgeous lime for your cocktail, or a hunk of chocolate for your baby, this conveniently sized bartender’s cutting board will do the trick.  The board is laser etched with our logo on the one side for collecting autographs and display, and the reverse is clear.  Made from sustainable bamboo, they are simple to hand rinse clean, and a real versatile collector’s item.  Each measures about 8″ wide, and 5 3/4″ tall. Please be sure to select the correct shipping option to prevent delays. $20 plus shipping ($5/US, $8/Canada, $10/elsewhere) Board is top left in the photo.

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Serving Tray Paddle

Gumbo, Grits & Gravy serving traysServe up samples of cheese and other snacks with this jug-bottle shaped serving paddle.  Laser etched with our logo on one side, with plenty of room for autographs, it can be hung on the wall with the hole drilled through the handle end.  Beautiful three plies of bamboo make this solid, handy serving tray a compliment in any kitchen, or wherever you choose to use it.  It measures about 11 1/2″ from board to paddle handle, and is about 5 1/2″ wide. Please be sure to select the correct shipping option to prevent delays. $20 plus shipping ($5/US, $8/Canada, $10/elsewhere) Paddle is bottom right in the photo

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Salad Serving Fork and Spoon

Gumbo, Grits & Gravy Salad Serving Fork and SpoonBalance your tasty meal with some Greens and wow your fellow fans as you dig in with beautiful solid wooden serving utensils. “Gumbo, Grits…” is laser engraved on the fork handle, “& Gravy” is on the spoon, with our big letter “G” and the group’s founding date, 2019 in the bowl of the spoon. Made of beech wood, each utensil measures about 12″ long and 2 1/8″ wide at the ‘business’ end, and each has a hole drilled on the end for you to be able to proudly display on the wall. Please be sure to select the correct shipping option to prevent delays. $25 plus shipping ($5/US, $8/Canada, $10/elsewhere).

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Special offer for United States buyers: Buy ALL THREE  and receive free shipping!

$65 for the Salad Serving Fork and Spoon, Bartender Cutting Board, Serving Tray Paddle